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B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Darmstadt, Germany

Additional graduate studies in economics and project management


Professional Engineer: New York, Oregon, Virginia

Mr. Werber is a Mechanical Engineer for Pacific Energy Systems, Portland, Oregon. He has more than twenty-nine years of experience in the design, construction, startup, and operation of power plants, including gas-turbine, coal-fired, and nuclear plants. He conducted an operation and maintenance audit of the Madera Biomass Power Plant and observed the startup and performance testing of the Sanger Cogeneration Plant. In addition, Mr. Werber performed technical reviews for financial institutions on the following: gas-turbine cogeneration projects including Saranac, East Syracuse (LM6000), and Natural Dam; wood-fired projects for Beaver-Livermore, Beaver-Cadillac, and Beaver-Ashland; and a geothermal project at Steamboat. He also monitored the construction completion, witnessed and evaluated the performance testing of several cogeneration and independent power projects. Some of the recent projects in which Mr. Werber has been involved is a 5.4-megawatt diesel generator cogeneration plant for the Entenmann Bakery on Long Island, New York, a 126-megawatt combined-cycle gas-turbine at Indeck-Corinth, and an 85-megawatt LM6000 gas-turbine plant at Allegany, New York.
Before coming to work for Pacific Energy Systems, Mr. Werber worked as manager of mechanical engineering at Pacific Power & Light Co., with the responsibility of providing engineering services to all thermal plants in the Pacific Power system. He directed the conceptual design and feasibility studies for new fossil-fuel plants and plant improvement projects. In addition, his department provided consulting services for PacifiCorp subsidiaries (NERCO, Pacific Corporation Finance) in the area of western coal combustion and cogeneration feasibility studies.
While employed by Pacific Power, Mr. Werber was involved in field assignments as plant engineer at a 750-megawatt, coal-fired station. He was responsible for all plant engineering activities including plant performance, chemistry, fuel, and environmental activities. In addition, the preparation and justification of the capital and operations and maintenance budget were the responsibilities of his department.
Mr. Werber also served as startup engineer for Stone & Webster, Inc. His assignments included lead startup engineer for the 850-megawatt, J. A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant, startup and preliminary operation activities at the Surry Nuclear Power Plant, and several other coal- and oil-fired stations.
Mr. Werber worked with Babcock & Wilcox, Power Industry Equipment Manufacturers, in the design of nuclear safeguard systems and related equipment.
His experience with H. A. Simons, Consulting Engineers, included stress and flexibility analyses on power piping for pulp and paper boilers, and specifications for pipe hangers and supports.
Mr. Werber performed conceptual design, engineering, and startup of support systems for a 30 megawatt, heavy-water, gas-cooled reactor for Sulzer Brothers, Ltd.
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