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J.D., Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College

B.A., Political Science, Portland State University

Certificate, Intensive Russian Language Course, Indiana University


Oregon State Bar

Mr. Larson is a licensed attorney whose experience in energy projects spans more than 35 years. His experience includes acquiring real property for power plant development, overseeing the permitting of major surface coal mines in Montana and Wyoming, and managing or auditing the permitting of geothermal, biomass, coal-fired, and gas-fired independent power projects in California, Vermont, Michigan, Florida, Hawaii, and Oregon. More than once, he has been credited with developing highly creative solutions to difficult permitting problems.
Mr. Larson has assisted the Oregon Department of Energy with the following projects: Review of site certificate applications for the Newberry Geothermal Pilot Project, Umatilla Generating Project, Stateline Wind Project, Summit/Westward Energy Project, Port Westward Generating Project, Turner Energy Center, COB Energy Facility, Klamath Generation Facility, and Klamath Generation Peakers. He also assisted the Department of Energy with review of applications submitted by the Klamath Cogeneration Project, Umatilla Generating Project, and Hermiston Power Project in connection with the 500 Megawatt Exemption competition. Mr. Larson also served as project manager providing staff support to the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Task Force.
As Manager of Legal & Regulatory Affairs for NERCO Pacific Generation Services, a PacifiCorp affiliate, Mr. Larson assumed direct responsibility for ensuring environmental compliance of projects proposed for development and for auditing environmental compliance of projects being considered for investment. He has interacted with developers, regulators, lenders, and suppliers, often serving as a mediator among parties with conflicting interests.
As Manager of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance for NERCO, Inc., a PacifiCorp affiliate, Mr. Larson oversaw permitting of the Spring Creek Mine in Montana and the Antelope Mine in Wyoming, both large scale surface coal mines. When it appeared the presence of an alluvial valley floor in a portion of the Spring Creek Mine would delay approval of the major permits and cause a costly delay in commencement of construction, he recommended bifurcation of the permit. This adjustment allowed for approval of the major license, timely commencement of construction, and the opportunity to study the effects of mining on the alluvial valley floor, later resulting in approval of the whole permit. The positive financial impact of this decision was of major significance. Mr. Larson also oversaw the development of compliance manuals as training tools to familiarize mine personnel with permit conditions and other key operating requirements, a skill he has applied more recently in behalf of clients seeking to develop compliance guides for the construction and operation of electric generating facilities.
While with NERCO-Pacific Generation Services, and later as an independent consultant, Mr. Larson audited numerous independent power production projects being considered for development or investment. He has specialized in producing a realistic appraisal of the likelihood of acquiring all necessary permits prior to project development and of successfully complying with those permits during project operations. He has done so with considerable success.
During the 1997 session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, Mr. Larson served as Committee Administrator to the House Committee on Power Deregulation.
Mr. Larson has applied his listening skills to forge strong bonds with members of other disciplines and has frequently served as a facilitator in resolving troublesome interdisciplinary misunderstandings. Though difficult to quantify, this skill has made him an invaluable participant in the processes of permit application preparation, complex closings, and difficult negotiations.
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