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General Manager


M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Additional graduate studies in management and economics


Professional Engineer: California, Oregon, Washington

Mr. Martin is the Principal of Pacific Energy Systems, Portland, Oregon. He is responsible for the general management and technical quality of all major projects performed by Pacific Energy Systems and also provides consulting services directly to clients.
Mr. Martin has been the Project Manager or the Principal-in-Charge of over 70 thermal energy power and cogeneration projects performed by Pacific Energy Systems in the last 15 years. These projects include responsibility as the Owner’s Engineer/Project Manager and the Bank’s Engineer and cover all phases of project development including feasibility assessment, site selection, financing, permitting, preliminary design, and project management during detailed design, construction, start-up and testing.
Mr. Martin was the Owner’s Project Manager for the development of a 43 MW peak power generating facility for the Franklin County Washington PUD and the Grays Harbor PUD. This included the specification and purchase of the gas turbine generators, CO and NOX catalyst and the preparation of preliminary design. The preliminary design included heat and mass balances, air emissions, water balances, flow diagrams, and initial plant layouts to support project permits. Mr. Martin prepared specifications to select a design and construction management firm to build the facility. He represented the Owners through design, construction and start-up. Because of the critical need for electricity, the schedule for this $34 million project from start of detailed design to initial operation was compressed to seven months.
Mr. Martin was the Owner’s Engineer for the design and construction of a 27 MW simple cycle combustion turbine power plant for the Benton County Washington PUD. He was responsible for helping the PUD purchase the gas turbine generator and the preliminary design necessary to obtain land-use and air permits. The preliminary design included preparation of heat and mass balances, air emissions, water balances, flow diagrams, design criteria, and initial plant layouts. Mr. Martin prepared the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) specifications that were used to select a turnkey EPC contractor. Pacific Energy Systems is providing engineering services to the Owner during the design and construction of the facility. Because of the critical need for electricity, the project schedule from the start of detailed design to initial operation is approximately six months.
Mr. Martin was the Owner’s Engineer for United Technologies Energy Holdings (UTEH) for the design and construction of seven, 50 MW simple-cycle peak power generating plants in California. In this capacity, Mr. Martin prepared specification to retain a design, procurement, and construction management firm to develop the projects.
Mr. Martin was the Owner’s Engineer for Avista-Steag for the development of a 250 MW gas turbine combined cycle at the Mint Farm Industrial Park in Longview, Washington. He was responsible for the preliminary design that included preparation of heat and mass balances, plant emissions, water balances, flow diagrams, and initial site arrangement drawings. The preliminary design documents were used for project permitting.
Mr. Martin was responsible for the preparation of the preliminary design for the Sempra Energy Resources’ El Dorado Generating Station Phase II expansion southwest of Boulder City, Nevada. The facility is a 550 MW gas turbine combined-cycle power plant. The preliminary design included development of the plant design criteria, heat and mass balances, air emissions, water balances, flow diagrams, one-line diagrams, plant arrangements and elevation drawings, and plant descriptions, The preliminary design was prepared for both General Electric 7FA and Westinghouse/Siemens 501 gas turbine generators and was used to obtain the permits to construct the facility. The permits were successfully obtained. Mr. Martin was also retained by Sempra Energy Resources to prepare standard specifications for the engineering, procurement, and construction of a standard 550 MW combined cycle power plant.
Mr. Martin has been retained by two confidential clients to select sites for new electric power generating facilities in California, Oregon, and Washington. The site selection process included screening potential sites for the required infrastructure, land use and environmental characteristics necessary for new plant development.
Westinghouse Credit Corporation also retained Mr. Martin to perform a technical review of the Molokai Biomass Project in Hawaii. The review included observation and evaluation of plant performance tests and a technical review of the plant design and operation. The costs for producing the biomass fuels were also evaluated to better understand the cost of plant operation.
Both Westinghouse Credit Corporation and ABN AMRO Bank have retained Mr. Martin as independent engineer. As the independent engineer for the Ryegate and Soledad Biomass Projects, he was responsible for preparing a technical evaluation report before project financing was completed and, subsequently, for monitoring monthly construction progress. Monthly construction progress reports were prepared together with monthly certificates of completion. Mr. Martin also conducted an operations and maintenance audit of the Soledad Biomass Power Plant, including an independent review of the cost of producing the biomass fuel.
Mr. Martin was the project manager for the design and construction of two hydroelectric power plants (24 MW and 12 MW) that were built for the City of Portland. He also performed project due diligence reviews for the Auger Falls Hydroelectric Power Project in Idaho and the Wailua Hydroelectric Project in Hawaii.
He performed a Best Available Control Technology (BACT) evaluation that considered using emulsified No. 2 fuel oil and water in medium-speed diesel engines at the Maui Electric Company's (MECO) Maalaea Power Plant. In addition, he was responsible for evaluating cogeneration opportunities for a food processing plant within MECO's service area.
Mr. Martin was project manager for the conceptual design of renewable energy systems to be demonstrated at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii. These renewable systems include solar thermal collection and storage, absorption refrigeration, and low-temperature desalination.
He assisted a client with negotiations in China for the turnkey development of small (12-megawatt), coal-fired electric power plants. Negotiations involved representatives of the local electric utility, the Bank of China, county officials, and representatives of the Chinese trading company.
In the early 1970's, when he was employed by Pacific Power & Light Company, Mr. Martin was involved in project engineering and project management of new power generating facilities. He was project engineer for Pacific Power's Jim Bridger Project in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and was responsible for coordinating engineering, equipment procurement, and construction package preparation with the architect/engineer, the Pacific Power home office, and the field construction office. In addition, he was responsible for monitoring engineering budgets and schedules to meet project cost and schedule requirements. While at Pacific Power, Mr. Martin was also involved in the design of betterment projects for steam electric generating plants, including scrubber retrofit studies for the Jim Bridger plant. He assisted in the development of standard criteria for the design of coal-fired generating facilities, and he recommended an information management system for storage and retrieval of drawings and data on new plant design projects.
Mr. Martin also served as an engineer for the Bechtel Power Corporation. He was involved in mechanical group supervision of the Taiwan Power Company's Nuclear Units 3 and 4 and Units 5 and 6 projects, and was responsible for engineering planning and scheduling, budget preparation, specifications, bid evaluations, equipment sizing, and design calculations. He supervised preliminary design studies and technical administration of the turbine-generator contract for Gulf States Utilities' Blue Hills Project and preliminary plant design studies for the German utility RWE.
He has taught courses in engineering thermodynamics and thermal systems design at Portland State University.
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